elite residential units

Elite Residential Units is pleased to offer 2 and 3 Bedroom Units with Facilities


Elite residential units....designed to meet your requirements. Altogether a new level of modern and comfortable living yet very close to nature. 'Elite' is our idea for peaceful living in the heart of the city.  Our work speaks for us.............................

Facilities Elite 2

3 Large Swimming Pools

The Facilities are divided in 3 Blocks and each block has a large swimming pool


Every Block is equipment with a separate gym

Private Parking

Private Car Parking with Shades


Each Building is provided with a separate Elevator

Pest Control

Pest Control will be performed in the external and internal areas periodically.

Water Treatment Plant

Water Supplied to Swimming Pools is controlled by Reverse Osmosis Plant to maintain low level of TDS

Fog System

The facilities area is provided with Fog System to maintain a pleasant atmosphere even in peak summer.

Access Control

Our Compound is fully secured with access control

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